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Paramedic Captures Profession in Poem


Paramedic Les Gillet, an Ambulance New Brunswick, Canada - Primary Care Paramedic, wrote the following poem after being inspired by prolific author and popular lecturer Bryan Bledsoe, MD and other lecturers at the recent EMS Symposium DE SMU (“The Changing Face of Paramedicine”) held in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. EMS is a second career for Gillet who spent decades in sales and marketing before discovering the joy and satisfaction of delivering prehospital care. 

“I am a Paramedic”
By Paramedic Les Gillet
Primary Care Paramedic
Ambulance New Brunswick, Canada

I am a Paramedic
I am a valuable link in your health care;

I am a Paramedic,
I am a highly trained professional, working toward the best care possible for you;

I am a Paramedic,
I will not judge, criticize, or prosecute you for your choices.

I am a Paramedic,
I work in any environment you need me in;

I am a Paramedic
I bring care to you, where you are, when you need it;

I am a Paramedic,
I am responsible for the safety of myself, my crew, and you, my patient;

I am a Paramedic,
When you call, I will arrive safely and promptly;

I am a Paramedic
My responsibility is to find you & figure out what may be making you call me;

I am a Paramedic
I will respond to you without endangering anyone else;

I am a Paramedic
I will find your location, no matter how confusing;

I am a Paramedic
I will consider the emotional, physical & spiritual health of you & your family while in my care;

I am a Paramedic,
I will be your voice, your advocate, your translator;

I am a Paramedic,
I will introduce you to other professionals who will care as much as I do;

I am a Paramedic,
I will never stop learning!


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