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Remote Medical International uses $8M in capital to embark on expansion

SEATTLE – When a worker on a remote island in the South Pacific had a heart attack, a
physician and a nurse were there from Remote Medical International to treat his
symptoms. Within hours, Remote Medical operations specialists back at the company’s
Seattle headquarters secured a plane and a crew to fly the man 2,400 miles to a Honolulu
hospital for treatment, where he survived.

A U.S. medical station in Antarctica wanted to consolidate from multiple sub-contractors
into a seamless, integrated operation. Remote Medical set up 24-hour telemedicine
consultants for physicians on the ground and built two ambulances custom-designed for
the arctic conditions.

Remote Medical International offers comprehensive medical services tailored to its
clients’ needs and has served companies and individuals in remote locations on every
continent. Now, with $8 million from a Seattle investment firm, Remote Medical will
broaden its global reach, enter new markets and secure a unique advantage in the
competitive field of remote medical services.

The new capital is coming from Seattle-based Columbia Pacific Management, which
already owns 23 hospitals in India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia through a related
company, Columbia Asia. In an innovative partnership, Remote Medical will use
Columbia Asia hospitals as its base of operations in Asia.

“Together, Columbia Pacific and Remote Medical will utilize a chain of strategically
located hospitals and a sophisticated team of health experts to deliver quality care,
advanced medical training, pharmaceuticals, telemedicine and medical equipment
virtually anywhere there is a need,” said Brian Vincent, CEO of Remote Medical
International. “This results in a continuity of care for our clients from remote areas to
local communities.”

“We invested in Remote Medical because we saw an opportunity to combine the
strengths of both companies,” said Brandon Baty, who oversees Columbia Pacific’s Asia
investments. “Remote Medical is a company that fills an important need across the
globe, and our investment will help the company expand and meet its full potential.”

Founded in 2003, Remote Medical International has approximately 100 employees and is
based in Seattle. Customers are primarily involved in industrial, offshore, and
international industries and include energy companies, global logistics providers,
research teams, military and law enforcement groups, governments, maritime companies,
philanthropic foundations and executive services for high-net-worth individuals.

Brian Vincent said that Remote Medical International expects to grow more than 60
percent this year, and to meet that goal, the company will need to expand its workforce.

“We are looking for medical professionals, particularly EMTs and paramedics, who have
practical experience working in remote locations,” he said. “We are also looking for
employees in operations, sales and customer support. Our company culture is grounded in
a personal passion for outdoor adventure, and we intend to keep it that way.”
The capital investment will allow Remote Medical to be more efficient in providing a
wide variety of services.

“We deliver integrated medical services to assist our clients in maintaining a healthy and
safe working environment,” Vincent said. “The affiliation with Columbia Pacific
strengthens our ability to provide a total solution to clients around the world.”

About Remote Medical International:
With headquarters in Seattle and employees based all over the globe, Remote Medical
International operates worldwide as a single source solution for companies and
individuals operating in remote environments. From medical program management and
consulting services to equipment and pharmaceuticals, medical support, telemedicine,
and remote medical training, the Remote Medical team works together to meet and
exceed the unique needs of their clients. Inc. Magazine has named Remote Medical
International three times as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United
States. For more information, go to http://www.remotemedical.com.

About Columbia Pacific Management:
Columbia Pacific Management is a Seattle-based company with significant real estate
development and operating experience founded in 1986 by Daniel R. Baty. Columbia
Pacific, along with its affiliates, manages assets in a variety of real estate, development,
operations and alternative investment strategies. An affiliated company, Columbia Asia,
was founded in 1994 and now operates 23 hospitals in Southeast Asia and India.


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