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Quickly, Easily and Accurately Locate and Cannulate Veins – Visit theEMSstore.com

Coatesville, PA (theEMSstore.com) March 8, 2013: You now have one more reason to make theEMSstore.com your one-stop-shop for medical equipment, supplies and much more. Both the Veinlite EMS and Veinlite Pedi by Translite are unique effective vein finding solutions that will make you a hero every time you use them.


Finding and cannulating a vein during an emergency can be very stressful and difficult for the patient and the technician. Peripheral veins can become near ghosts when shock sets in making cannulation a nightmare.  TransLite has produced an answer to all EMS providers’ prayers by developing a unique side transillumination device called Veinlite. The Veinlite EMS can be used on patients of all ages. The Veinlite Pedi vein finder is specifically designed for Neonatal veins.

These devices are shaped like a horseshoe and lined with LED’s (16 – EMS model) or (12 – Pedi model) that emit orange or red light to aid in visualizing those hard to find veins.  The orange lighting assists in finding superficial veins while the red lighting illuminates deep veins or veins in patients with dark skin.  Combined together these lights make searching for the allusive veins a thing of the past.

The skin reflects short wavelength light such as blues and greens while it absorbs the long wavelength light characteristic of reds and oranges.  The reflected surface light of the skin is so intense that it overpowers the transmitted light thus limiting the naked eye’s visualization of superficial veins to sub millimeter depths.
This new method of transillumination, enhances visualization of veins. The method uniformly transilluminates a small region of the skin so that much better imaging of veins is achieved without shadows. This results in smaller veins being seen with great clarity.  This method penetrates light into tissue up to 6 mm in depth, depending on the size of the vein.  Transilluminated light waves are easily absorbed by deoxygenated hemoglobin in venous blood and show up as dark areas in the skin.

Cannulating a vein is now an easy 3 step process.  First find the vein, secondly push down to close the vein, and lastly pull back to stretch the skin.  Pass the needle through the opening in the horseshoe allowing for quick and easy cannulation - making you a hero every time!

Both models come with a light shield and disposable cover shields to prevent cross contamination and exposure to bio hazards. The Veinlite EMS is powered by two AA alkaline batteries and included a pediatric adapter and carry case. The Veinlite Pedi is powered by a single CR2 3V lithium battery and comes with a Neonate adapter.

About theEMSstore.com and Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc.
theEMSstore.com, a division of Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc., offers product lines from hundreds of manufacturers. Witmer Public Safety Group's motto is Equipping Heroes™ and this continues as they extend their commitment to provide the industry's best equipment and supplies to the professional men and women who serve to ensure the public's safety. For additional information, please call (800) 852-6088 or visit theEMSstore.com.


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