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Wheeled Coach to Show SmartAire at AAA

Wheeled Coach Industries teamed up with Vanner and Sun Power to unveil a Type II ambulance that will run 12 volt air conditioning indefinitely.  This is a potentially huge benefit for those EMTs that have no fire station to go to, and have to “post”.

 The car, with the Green SmartAire logo was a hit at the show, in spite of low attendance due to Hurricane Sandy.

The system takes a “normal” Ford E450 Type II and adds Sun Powers’ compact but efficient 12 volt air conditioning with a small compressor mounted   behind the attendant’s seat.  Up front is a tasteful   console with venting, which will pump out enough cold air to keep the cabin cool in even the hottest climates.  In addition, it can all be done without running the engine the whole time.

The patented Vanner IdleWatch system monitors the auxiliary batteries, insuring increased engine off operating time for the air conditioner, while still assuring the vehicle’s starting capabilities will not be compromised.  Once the system is engaged, Vanner’s model based battery monitoring gives the auxiliary batteries an adequate state of charge to run the air.  When the state of charge drops below 50%, the unit automatically starts the vehicle to assure uninterrupted cab air conditioning. The air conditioning goes from a maximum run time of 45 minutes, to unlimited.  Paul Holzapfel feels “the technology is great and the system works flawlessly, with built in battery monitoring and safety features to avoid accidental deployment.”  Before you can engage the system there are a series of deliberate and purposeful actions you must take including key removal, emergency brake on, vehicle in park and hood shut.

Bruce Beegle, Vanner V.P. of Truck and Military Sales say “due to the success and reliability of this product in the Work Truck market, we deployed it in the EMS market to help customers asking for idle reduction solutions.  As these restrictions increase, we see the demand in the Ambulance market increasing as well, and we are ready for it”.

Next showing of the vehicle will be at the AAA show in Las Vegas November 26-30th.  Bet on the fact that it will be a hit there, and in years to follow.  For more information, visit our website at ww.vanner.com or contact Vanner at 1-800-227-6937. 



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