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Free Download of the New E-Book "Earn Money Sleeping"


From the author, Semon Strobos:
Earn Money Sleeping is an e-book covering my most memorable stories over five years of 9-1-1 calls at a busy post. They vary from the dramatic major traumas beloved of trauma junkies and complex full arrests, to the numerous bizarre and even absurd calls seen by every medic. It's 9-1-1 seen from the medics' point of view, the camaraderie, the expertise, the politics and the science, told with the sense of humor that sees so many medics through. Independent, short chapters roughly group the different kinds of calls, though there is a story arc of sorts covering more serious issues, like burnout. There's also lots of useful tips and info. Download it for FREE at scribd.com: www.scribd.com/doc/109285065/Earn-Money-Sleeping

Excerpt from Earn Money Sleeping:
"We’ve beaten the volunteer fireman first responders this time.  I hop out, haul the cardiac monitor from the side door and trot in behind a fireman.  On the filthy carpet in the living room a dark haired slight woman lies on her back straddled by a police officer doing chest compressions.  I get the fireman  to take over while squeezing the paddles to her chest, left midaxillary and  right under the collarbone.  She does not show a shockable rhythm.  She’s in asystole, a flat line indicating no electrical activity in her heart at all.  The chances of bringing back a person found down in asystole are close to nil.  Bringing her back with reasonably intact brain function is even less likely.  36 years old, no medical conditions, found by her husband within a half hour or less of last seen alive.  Still, I  do not see dependent lividity, the red or magenta  or blue stains indicating blood has pooled and coagulated, and can no longer be circulated, so I follow the indicated algorhythm,  asystole.

"By this time Trish has brought in the airway bag,  pulled  out the adult bag valve mask (BVM), put it together, attached it to oxygen and is supervising a fireman holding it to the patient’s nose and mouth, head tipped appropriately, and ventilating at 10 breaths a minute.  Nowadays we do 5.  Algorithms change.  The other fireman is still compressing her chest at a rate of 100 times a minute, compressing a third to half down, deep and even pumps.  We check the carotid for a good CPR pulse. After five minutes he will tire and need relief. A bodybuilder by the looks, he could go on longer, but not well. For the time being, the least trained caregiver is doing the most important job.

"With my partner’s help, I pull out the intubation kit, select the middle sized curved  blade,  Mac 3. I slide the bade under the patient’s tongue, lift, look for the vocal cords, slide in the endotracheal tube, stiffened by a wire stylette inserted by Terri. Then I pull out the stylette, hold the et tube in place while she attaches the bvm.  She ventilates and I listen over the lungs and stomach to make sure the tube is in the trachea and not the esophagus, watch for chest rise and fall, misting in the tube.  Then we tie it down."

Download your FREE copy of Earn Money Sleeping at www.scribd.com/doc/109285065/Earn-Money-Sleeping to find out what happens next!


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