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Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com Announces Addition of 150KA Power Transformer Substation


The Magnalight MGS-150KVA-480-10X100A power transformer and distribution system gives operators the ability to tap into 480 VAC three phase power sources and convert it to to single phase 120V/208Y VAC AC. The 120/208Y output of this portable power substation is of a WYE configuration to provide both linear and non-linear output for powering equipment such as electric motors as well as computers and lighting.

The MGS-150KVA-480-10X100A power transformer substation allows operators to tap into 480V three phase power sources and step this current down to useable 120/208Y output for powering a wide variety of tools and equipment including electric motors which require linear output and computers or lighting which require non-linear current. The 208Y output on this portable transformer/distribution system is a standard neutral WYE configuration which gives the unit added versatility and functionality. This portable transformer is ideal for operators who need to tap into and utilize 480VAC power sources outside of the work area such as when working with new building construction or performing plant turnarounds. The MGS-150KVA-480-10X100A is designed for use with three phase 480 VAC which it steps down to 120 and 240 VAC and distributes via included receptacles. This portable power transformer distributes 120VAC single phase through four GFI protected receptacles and 208Y via ten 100 amp ADR1044 outlets, providing operators with multiple connection capability from a single unit. The transformer on this unit is configured to be NEMA 3r compliant, and safe connection to 480 VAC  is provided through a 400 amp fused ON/OFF main disconnect switch. Further protection is provided by ten 100 amp 3 phase breakers on the 208Y side and four 20 amp breakers on the 120VAC side. A heavy duty 2” square steel tube cage equipped with a single centrally located lifting eyelet and rectangular integral skid pockets provides a rugged platform for the transformer and control box assembly and allows operators to easily load, unload, and transport the unit from one location to another using forklifts or cranes. This portable power distribution system is ideal for operators who require the ability to power not only the equipment and motors common to work sites, but the lighting and computers often used in portable offices and management buildings as well. These portable substations are also popular on jobsites where hazardous location and explosion proof lighting and equipment are used due to their high reliability and multiple output configurations.

“The MGS-150KVA-480-10X100A power distribution substation is designed to distribute three phase power for both motor and lighting loads, making it extremely versatile.” said Rob Bresnahan from Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com.  “These power distribution substations are ideal for taking three phase power and giving operators outlets for single phase grinders, pumps and lighting.  We can customize the outlet configuration, transformer type and size and panel configuration based on the needs of the customers working in the oil fields, working on plant turnarounds, bridges, etc.”

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com is a manufacturer and carries a large inventory of power distribution substations, solar powered generators, inline transformers, hazardous location lights, intrinsically safe lights and explosion proof fans. Magnalight maintains custom design capability and can configure power substations and transformers according to customer requirements. Visit Magnalight.com to learn more or call them at 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.


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