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Oxygen World Inc. Electric Scooters Launch In Usa; Vehicle Driven By REchargeable Electric Battery

Oxygen World Inc (www.oxygenworldinc.com), a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxygen SpA in Padova Italy, has commenced distribution in the United States of their electric battery operated Oxygen CargoScooter. This follows a highly successful program in Europe where the Swiss Post utilizes 2000 Oxygen CargoScooters, making Oxygen SpA the largest supplier of battery operated scooters for professional use. Oxygen CargoScooters are recharged from a simple electrical outlet and can save up to 90% on energy costs versus fuel powered scooters.

In the United States, Oxygen World Inc. will be initially launching the Oxygen CargoScooter commercially offering them to fleets, municipalities and businesses that can be serviced by the Scooter which is capable of covering distances up to 75 miles on a single charge. Many classes of trade will be able to benefit from Oxygen technology, including Law Enforcement, Security and the Press, as well as pharmacy, food delivery and all who wish to travel in a manner that will not generate pollution or noise. The Oxygen CargoScooter is also ideally suited for deployment in enclosed areas such as malls, airports and stadiums.

The use of the Oxygen CargoScooter is best exemplified in Switzerland where the Swiss Post utilizes the vehicles throughout the country. In addition to its impressive capacity to handle heavy loads, Swiss standards for environmentally safe vehicles are extremely high, and it was both the environmental benefits as well as the exceptional technological capabilities of the Oxygen CargoScooter that influenced the Swiss government’s decision. The original Oxygen CargoScooter fleet for the Swiss Post consisted of 250 vehicles; the current fleet numbers over 2000.

“We are confident that U.S. industry, like the Swiss Post, will recognize the practicality, sustainability and economics that the Oxygen CargoScooter can offer. Since the vehicles work off an electrical charge, the fuel savings will quickly offset the initial investment,” notes Peter Laitmon, CEO of Oxygen World Inc. “Oxygen CargoScooters are the gold standard in the small vehicle category because they can be used anywhere with virtually no maintenance issues and will transport impressive loads in a quiet and efficient manner.”

Oxygen Electric Cargoscooter Specs
The Oxygen CargoScooter can be equipped with options in using two, three or four batteries, where distances of 75 miles on a single charge can be covered, and acceleration will enable the vehicle to get to 25 mph in 6 seconds. Featuring a cargo capacity of up to 200 pounds, a trailer can be added to the back as well. As it uses no fuel, the vehicle is pollution-free, and repairs are a non-issue due to its limited number of moving parts. “Use of the Oxygen CargoScooters will positively affect the bottom line of any business, especially as oil and gas costs continue to rise with predictions that by late Spring, gasoline at the pump will hit an all time high. Electric power costs a fraction of the price to operate and is the best of all alternatives. In addition there is no question that when a company acts in an eco-friendly manner, this will result in the enhancement of its own brand image,” concludes Laitmon.

Oxygen World Inc., is the North American subsidiary of Oxygen SpA, manufacturer of the battery operated Oxygen CargoScooter, located in Padua, Italy. Oxygen SpA was formed in 2000 and is an outgrowth of Atala, the Italian Company which had its origins in the bicycle industry as far back as 1921. Oxygen is completely devoted to the development, manufacturing and marketing of light electric vehicles.

For additional information on the Oxygen CargoScooter, please visit us at: www.OxygenWorldInc.com or call 212-867-5188.


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