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Demers Launched Its New Redesigned Type I: The Mystere MXP 150


Demers Ambulances, one of North America’s largest ambulance manufacturers and the Canadian leader, is proud to present the all NEW Type I ambulance: Demers MXP 150. The MXP 150 is Demers’ first to combine a rugged exterior with top-of-the-line design details such as greater insulation & isolation from the harsh elements for increased comfort and the ability to handle extreme conditions: from desert heat, to icy mountain roads, to the great North American cities.

The Demers MXP 150 ambulance has been specifically developed for customers in extreme rescue environments. 

Loyal to Demers philosophy, the MXP 150 is engineered with attention to every detail that may contribute to a safer, more efficient working environment in and around the ambulance. Amongst the many new features unique to this ambulance are:

Aerodynamic roof design with incorporated full LED warning lights (2 clear & 4 red) for greater visibility, durability of lighting, fuel cost savings, and the cab riser isolates occupants from wind noise

Aerodynamic roof design with incorporated full LED warning lights (2 clear & 4 red) for greater visibility, durability of lighting, fuel cost savings, and the cab riser isolates occupants from wind noise

Best in class payload capacity meeting KKK requirements: up to 5,000 lbs (2,268 kg) for a F450 and 2,000 lbs for a F350 (907 kg) offering additional space for medical equipment 

Separate Multiplex controlled heating & A/C systems for maximum efficiency and for easier diagnostics and service. With NEW Exclusive Demers Diffusion AIRFLOW System; integrated heating system projecting heat bellow the medical cabinet allowing the airflow across the floor, deflecting on the walls in a diffuse fashion for gentle heating (no direct air stream on patient). A/C ducted across the ceiling diffusing the air with adjustable vents. 

New high visibility windows – Unique and NEW in the industry; automobile style window design engineered for ambulance requirements, the new Demers Applied Flush Mount Windows on rear and side doors provide much more natural light inside the vehicle, more visibility to the outside, easier to clean, higher durability, lighter, and improved esthetic. 

72” interior headroom, 150”L x 95”W modular body, an all-aluminum structure, fully welded, with single sheet side walls & roof, and ample exterior storage 

Exclusive Heads-Up Console (HUC) on dashboard provides easy access to ambulance features while letting drivers keep their eyes on the road for increased safety 

Available on Ford F350 & F450 4x4 chassis and on GM Silverado 3500 HD 2WD or 4WD chassis 

Click here for more details about Demers Mystere MXP 150

“To make an ambulance that can take on extreme conditions, we had to be extremely demanding when we designed and built it,” says Benoit Lafortune, Executive Vice President of Demers Ambulances. Demers Type 1 MXP ambulances are configured for a 4x4 or 4x2 truck chassis. Detail by detail, we challenge ourselves to continuing pushing the limits, in an industry where every detail matters.”

About Demers Ambulances
Demers, Ambulance Manufacturer Inc. (Demers Ambulances) is the Canadian leader in ambulance design, manufacture and distribution and one of the largest firms in North America. With 50 years of success, Demers sold more than 15,000 ambulances to customers in over 20 countries. With advanced products that consistently meet and exceed expectations of emergency services specialists around the world, Demers Ambulances is recognized as an innovator in ambulance engineering, introducing and perfecting details that keep paramedics and occupants safe while meeting today’s global challenges.

Accredited by Transport Canada, by the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) in the USA within their “MEMBER VERIFICATION PROGRAM” and recognized as a “QUALIFIED VEHICLES MODIFIER” (QVM) by the Ford Motor Company and, approved up fitter for Mercedes Benz Sprinter Customer Assurance Program, Demers Ambulances meets the highest standards in the industry. To learn more about Demers Ambulances, visit www.demers-ambulances.com.



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