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ACETECH North America Signs Multi-Year Deal With Ohio-Based Ferno


OFFALY, Ireland, and WILMINGTON, Ohio - Ireland’s ATSR Ltd. today signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Ferno-Washington, Inc., an Ohio-based provider of professional, pre-hospital emergency patient-handling products. ATSR designs and manufactures fully integrated vehicle performance monitoring & control systems for ambulances and other emergency response vehicles. Ferno will market ATSR’s technology under its new ACETECH North America brand.

The ACETECH technology portfolio expands Ferno’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance the safety and performance of EMS services and personnel, and those they serve. The partnership provides Ferno with exclusive distribution to the US market and expands ACETECH’s well-established presence from Canada to all of North America.

The ACETECH system is first-of-its-kind electronics technology for the EMS industry and provides system wide, on-board intelligence to improve ambulance and fire fleet and vehicle efficiency and safety, while reducing a service’s operating and fuel costs. The system inter-connects four key modules that provide customizable monitoring and control of all vehicle electronics, driving, and occupant restraint systems, GPS based monitoring and control of fleet vehicle assets in the field, RFID based tracking and security for all vehicle equipment assets, and ECO-Run monitoring and control of fuel consumption idling. The system is available for new vehicle builds and can be easily retrofitted on older vehicles.

The full ACETECH system provides constant, real-time, actionable information on a wide range of data points including vehicle status and location, equipment location, driving behavior with event status and duration, occupant restraint status, and engine status and fuel consumption. Using this data as a whole allows emergency fleet managers to take full control of asset placement in the field, increase emergency vehicle driver and occupant safety, and reduce operational and fuel costs.

“For more than 55 years, customers worldwide have relied on Ferno for best-in-class professional emergency and healthcare products that enhance safety for patients and EMS personnel, and increase efficiency,” said ACETECH North America’s Program Manager, Jim Love.  “ACETECH’s technology is a natural fit for our product line.  It’s the only fully integrated efficiency optimization solution.  The savings in fuel costs alone are considerable.  But when combined with increased personnel productivity, the payback for fleet owners is significant.  We’re delighted to offer this industry-first technology to our customers.”

 “When we went looking for a US partner, industry leader, Ferno was a preferred choice,” said Eric Gallagher, CEO of ATSR in Ireland.  “Our companies share the same commitment to safety and efficiency.  And we’re very impressed by Ferno’s dedication to equipping their customers with state-of-the-art technology that allows them to address their priorities.  With the ACETECH products, they’ll increase efficiency and reduce their costs while also putting a greener stamp on their operations.”

For more information, please visit www.fernoacetech.com, or call 877.733.0911.


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