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Woman In NH EMT Assault Arrested Again

NASHUA - A woman accused of attacking three Amherst Ambulance Service personnel was arrested again two weeks ago after allegedly violating two no-contact orders taken out by two of the EMTs. Whether the most recent arrest will impact a plea deal reached in the alleged Memorial Day EMT attacks remains to be seen.

Adrienne Valdez, 29, was arrested on Sept. 16 by Nashua police and charged with two counts of stalking after allegedly confronting EMTs Carylyn McEntee and Lynn Briggs during a hearing at Nashua District Court Sept. 9.

Valdez was first arrested on Memorial Day on a felony count of second-degree assault and two misdemeanor simple assault charges for allegedly attacking EMTs Lynn Briggs, Sandra Power and Carylyn McEntee. The trio were responding to Valdez' father's home at 27 Old Milford Road, Mont Vernon, for a report of someone with breathing troubles. When the EMTs arrived, Valdez allegedly attacked them, punching, biting and head-butting the three women and causing serious injuries.

Valdez was arrested and was temporarily admitted to a hospital, where she said she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

On June 11, Valdez was arrested again after an alleged altercation with her mother. On June 23, Valdez allegedly assaulted two Nashua police officers. On Aug. 10, Valdez was again arrested at her father's home after she allegedly threatened her brother with a knife during an argument.

The Mont Vernon charges were dropped under an agreement among the Hillsborough County Attorney's office, Valdez and her attorney Jean Claude Sakellarios, and Scott Brennan, the liaison for the Community Connection Mental Health Court in Nashua.

Under the agreement, approved by Milford District Court Judge Paul Moore, Valdez is obligated follow a mental health treatment plan, attend all court appearances, and remain of good behavior. According to the contract, if Valdez violates any of its terms, the Mont Vernon charges could be brought forward again.

On Sept. 9, Valdez was in Nashua District Court to stand trial on charges stemming from the alleged assault on Nashua police officers on June 23 when she allegedly confronted EMTs Briggs and McEntee who were there to watch the proceedings.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit filed by Nashua Police Officer Michael Lang, Valdez was sitting in front of Briggs and McEntee in the courtroom and allegedly turned around to the two women and yelled, "You're those two EMT's! You're not supposed to be here! You are violating your own order!"

Briggs and McEntee, who have no-contact orders against Valdez, reported the incident to Nashua police. An arrest warrant was issued for Valdez and she was taken into custody on Sept. 16.

Valdez lawyer Sakellarios said the allegations made by Briggs and McEntee against Valdez are not true, and the two women were in court for no other reason than to cause Valdez to violate the no-contact order.

Sakellarios said he believes the EMTs wanted to force a reaction from Valdez so that she would violate the terms of her contract with the mental health court and be forced to stand trial for the alleged Memorial Day attacks.

"It was obviously a set-up," Sakellarios said. "These two ladies were not witnesses in that case. They were not involved in the case. They shouldn't have been there."

But McEntee said Sakellarios had the story wrong. The EMTs showed up for the trial in Nashua, she said, because they were troubled that the charges against Valdez in their case had been dropped in Milford, and they wanted to see how the case would be handled in Nashua.

"We also wanted to show the Nashua police officers who were attacked by her that they had our support," said McEntee.

Sakellarios said that the two women, who said in their petitions for the no-contact orders were afraid of Valdez, chose to sit directly behind his client in an attempt to harass her.

"I don't begrudge them their right to be in court," Sakellarios said, "But if they're so afraid of her, why wouldn't they sit some distance away?"

McEntee said she and Briggs were already seated in the courtroom when Valdez walked in, and said neither spoke to Valdez or made eye contact with her until Valdez turned around and confronted them.

Valdez was arraigned on the new charges Wednesday and is scheduled for trial Dec. 6 at 1 p.m. The Nashua trial was continued because one of the officers involved couldn't be present, and a hearing on the no-contact orders is scheduled at Milford District Court Oct. 12.


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