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Woman Accused Of Attacking EMTs Continues Violent Behavior

MONT VERNON - A woman accused of attacking three EMTs  on Memorial Day, has been arrested for the fourth time since that incident, this time charged with threatening her brother with a knife.

Adrienne Valdez, 28, was arrested yesterday afternoon at her father's home at 27 Old Milford Road after police responded to a domestic violence call. According to Police Chief Kyle Aspinwall, Valdez and her brother Julian got into a verbal altercation around 1 p.m. During the argument, Valdez allegedly responded by pulling "a kitchen knife with an 8-inch blade" on her brother and threatening him with it.

"Apparently a struggle ensued over the knife," Aspinwall said, "and as Julian was trying to get the knife away from Adrienne, she got cut."

Julian Valdez was not injured in the incident, but Adrienne Valdez was transported to Milford Medical Center and treated for a cut to her arm. She was then arrested, charged with one felony count of criminal threatening and taken to Milford District Court for a bail hearing.

Aspinwall informed Judge Paul Moore that Valdez is currently out on bail and facing charges in three jurisdictions including Mont Vernon, Nashua and Wilton.

Valdez, a law student at Brooklyn Law School in New York, was arrested on Memorial Day at her father's home on a felony count of second-degree assault and two misdemeanor simple assault charges for allegedly attacking Amherst Ambulance Service EMTs Lynn Briggs, Sandra Power and Carylyn McEntee, who had responded to Valdez' call for help. Valdez allegedly punched, bit and jumped on the three women, causing them injuries serious enough to put them out of work for much of the summer.

On June 11, Valdez was arrested by Wilton Police after an alleged altercation with her mother, Kimberly Dean-Valdez at her home at 184 Curtis Farm Road. Though no one was injured in the incident, Valdez was arrested on a class A misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief (vandalism) and also charged with breach of bail for allegedly committing another crime while out on bail for the Mont Vernon arrest.

Then on June 23, Valdez allegedly pulled a fire alarm on an emergency box in Nashua, and when police arrived, she allegedly assaulted a police officer and resisted arrest, and then later reportedly assaulted another police officer by spitting in her face.

"I don't know where this stops," Mont Vernon Police Sgt. Aaron Daignealt told Moore during the bail hearing. "Who else is going to get injured in this process?" But Valdez said setting bail at $20,000 was too high.

"I'm the one who got injured today," she said. "And as for the EMTs, I feel great remorse for their injuries." Valdez said she has spent time in the State Mental Hospital where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, both of which she's being medicated for.

"I have no intention of hurting anyone," she told the judge. "I am trying to pull my life together after what has been a very difficult summer."

But Aspinwall said the violence at the Valdez house has continued to escalate in recent days and said his department has had to respond to calls for help three times in the last week.

"This situation is taxing the resources of my department," said Aspinwall.

Moore set Valdez' bail at $20,000 cash or corporate surety.

"You're on the cusp of being a convicted felon," Moore told Valdez. "I have a real problem releasing you back into the community."

Valdez will be back in court this afternoon for a probable cause hearing on the Memorial Day incident.


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