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MCI Triage Techniques Survey

The purpose of this survey is to evaluate how providers actually think about and perform triage during both disasters as compared to the normal course of events. The benefit of doing this study is to characterize the following:

1. For those who have participated in disasters in the past, we want to identify the key features of triage during mass patient incidents that were used by responders. Many methods of triage have emerged, and we wish to assess the current use of the various triage assessment algorithms by actual disaster responders.

2. For those who have NOT participated in disasters BUT who regularly triage patients during their normal course of practice, we want to identify the key triage features that are used.

3. This survey will allow us to describe variations in triage characteristics between those who have actually participated in triage during mass patient incidents in the past during disasters as opposed to those who have not. One benefit will be to provide keys for future training for those who have not yet responded to actual mass patient incidents but who may be called upon to do so.

Click here to take the survey.


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