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StatPacks G2 EMS Cells


EMTs and paramedics need an organized way to quickly bring our gear to the patientÌs side. A number of JEMS Games teams useÜStatPacks. Why? Because theyÌre a well-made, highly organized way of carrying the gear you need to do the job at a competitive level. As you see in any forward thinking company, innovation from StatPacks is a regular occurrence. TheÜG2 EMS Cells bring a novel approach to EMS equipment storage and transportation.Ü

Basically, you need one system to carry the gear and another to deploy it for use. The G2 Cell System from StatPacks allows you to organize the gear according to the job at hand. For example: When working a cardiac arrest, different people often handle each step: airway; IV access; medications; and CPR, ECG and transport. The G2 Packs are designed to hold three, four or six cells, so you can outfit your response for speed or stamina. Open any of the G2 Packs and the 6"x 12"x 6" cells can be organized and labelled according to the job. Grab the Airway Cell, IV Cell, Medication Cell, Oxygen Cell or the Universal Cell (for miscellaneous items), and get to work. Once youÌre finished starting the IV or securing the airway, place those cells back into the pack for rapid transport and easy restocking.Ü

Some of the high-quality construction features of the StatPacks include: reinforced wear areas, oversized zippers and foam-molded back panels. Each G2 product is highly reflective to keep you and your gear safe at night. StatPacks have a very loyal customer base, and the next generation of StatPacks may just evoke the kind of debate heard in discussions between fans of the original Star Trek versus fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Packs: Clinician (3 Cell), Responder (4 Cell), Technician (6 Cell)Ü

Cells: Airway, Medicine, IV, Oxygen and UniversalÜ

Price Range: $70 (Oxygen Cell)Ò$475Ü(Technician 6 Cell Pack)Ü





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