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Joker's Superglue Victim to Toilet

UNITED KINGDOM -- A man was taken to hospital stuck to a public toilet after a vandal covered the seat with superglue.

The stainless-steel lavatory was removed from the cubicle with the man still attached, after the emergency services failed to free him.

A West Midlands ambulance service spokesman said: "The man was using the facilities when he became stuck on the seat. It appears as though someone had left glue on it.

"Despite our best efforts, it was not possible to remove the 35-year-old man from his position so, with the help of the fire and rescue service, the man was removed from the cubicle still attached to the toilet."

Doctors used chemicals to free the man after the incident on Saturday in Brierley Hill, near Dudley. A spokesman said: "He appeared to be none the worse for his ordeal other than being understandably somewhat embarrassed."


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