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Widow Says Flu Killed Her Firefighter Husband

MINNEAPOLIS -- The widow of a Minneapolis firefighter is joining the fight against influenza.

Linda DeLude says she never suspected a bout of flu would kill her husband, Barry.

Barry DeLude was a healthy 44-year-old. In late January 2007, he and his crew responded to a medical emergency at a nursing home. Two days later, he started feeling achy and complained of the worst headache of his life. He died of complications from a common strain of flu. He had not been vaccinated.

His widow says she believes DeLude would have survived if he had received a flu shot. She's joined a campaign by the American Lung Association, called "Faces of Influenza," to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Linda DeLude says she doesn't want to see anyone "go through what we've gone through."


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