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MagneGrip AirHAWK 3000XL


In case you missed the memo, diesel exhaust is bad for you. Luckily, the new AirHAWK 3000XL air-purification unit from MagneGrip uses a four-stage filter to remove diesel exhaust, incident-related pollution and other contaminants from the air in your station. The Stage I pre-filter is a 100% synthetic pleated fiber designed to trap particulates. The Stage II primary HEPA filter is manufactured with high-efficiency glass microfiber media. The Stage III gas-phase filter has thousands of tiny pores that adsorb and trap volatile organic compounds, such as benzene and phenol; inorganic compounds, such as sulfur dioxide, are removed by the oxidation properties of potassium permanganate. Finally, the Stage IV PCO (photo catalytic oxidizer) filter uses a titanium-dioxide grid thatÌs activated by various wavelengths of ultraviolet light and converts toxic compounds, such as carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide, into benign constituents, such as carbon dioxide and water vapor. With this kind of engineering, you can work and rest safely and comfortably in your station.


Size: 25" x 27" x 63"

Weight: 261 lbs.

Power: 230 volts

Cost: $4,995 (installed)




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