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Imagine being six minutes away from an MCI when dispatch informs you that seven vehicles are involved and police on scene have reported severe injuries. Now imagine that by the time you jump out of the ambulance, you know which victim is in imminent danger of bleeding out.

In the future, it could be the result of a police officer placing NcIQ sensors on victims and gathering data on their cardiac output, heart rate and respirations. Measurement trends and pertinent data would be stored in a handheld NcIQ Data Management System device, and your wrist-mounted monitor would display hemodynamic trend data for as many as 20 patients simultaneously, identifying each with a unique tag number and location.

As you start an IV on a victim, your belt vibrates to alert you to a high-priority patient southwest of where you are, and her condition is deteriorating.

This isn't science fiction. Noninvasive Medical Technologies Inc. (NMT) of


A First Responder's Guide to Ebola

There are several things to think about when considering the treatment of an Ebola patient in the back of an ambulance in the traditional EMS setting.

Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival to Begin Collecting Data to Measure CPR Quality

Data will assist in providing uniform reporting metrics back to agencies to assist with their internal quality improvement efforts.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Urgent Care for Long Distance Runners

Pittsburgh’s rapid response team provides marathon runners with immediate care.

A Scientific Look at START and Our Ability to Do It

Do we correctly categorize patients or are there limitations to how we triage?

Early Clinical Trials Suggests Hydroxocobalamin Beneficial for Hemorrhagic Shock

Medically facilitated hemorrhage control study yields good results, more questions.

Epileptic Effect: The Aftermath of a Seizure isn’t Always What it Seems

You and your partner are dispatched to a 60ish-year-old female with signs and symptoms of a possible stroke.

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