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Hands On: Command Portability Pt 7

Command Portability: Transform any vehicle into a Command Post

I have yet to see an EMS vehicle with excess storage space, and EMS command vehicles that carry MCI gear have even less space. At major incidents and prolonged deployments, the ability for EMS command to be visible, under adequate cover and organized, as well as manage data and review guidelines, are all important. Here are six products that can help you initiate command operations long before the mobile-home-size command post arrives on scene. The big bonus: All six products will fit inside a mid-size duffel bag.

The Pelican 1500ÜEMS Case

One of the most interesting photos on the Pelican Web site is of a vehicle's tire on top of a closed Pelican case. It's more proof that this case should stand up to the use and abuse the clumsiest EMTs and paramedics can dish out. The case can also be used as a booster to help patients get into an ambulanceÛor a crew into an elderly fall-patient's window when it's just out of reach.

The Pelican unconditional lifetime guarantee of excellence (ÏYou break it, we replace it ÷ foreverÓ) holds two tongue-in-cheek exceptions: sharks, and children under five years of age.

That guarantee is supported by a number of high-quality construction features on Pelican EMS cases, which include stainless steel hinge pins with heavy duty deflector ribs. The ribs keep objects from having a direct impact on the hinge (which could cause it to fail). Easy-open, double-throw latches keep the case securely closed. The rubber over-molded handle is comfortable and sturdy. If you need to lock your case, stainless steel hasp protectors provide additional security.

A watertight O-ring seal and pressure equalization valve keep the case completely waterproof. Although the change in pressure that comes with altitude can make it nearly impossible to open a water/airtight case after a flight, the pressure equalization valve keeps the air pressure inside the case the same as it is on the outside of the caseÛensuring that it remains easy to open.

PelicanÜEMS cases are available in orange, black and desert tan.

The 1500 EMS Case retails for $239.95, the 1550 EMS Case for $319.95, and the 1600 EMS Case retails for $379.95.

Call 800/473-5422 or visitÜwww.pelican.com



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