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Check It Out!: Power your cell phone, anywhere

In many natural disasters, loss of electrical power has a dramatic impact on our technology-dependent lives. Cellular telephone providers have disaster response teams to reestablish coverage through mobile towers equipped with generators. But how do you recharge your cell phone when you don't have access to electricity? The Sidewinder Hand Crank Cell Phone Charger from IST Designs is one new option.

The 2.5 oz. Sidewinder provides six minutes of talk time or 30 minutes of stand-by time after just two minutes of cranking. Keep cranking the handle and have talk time limited only by hand fatigue. An attached, bright-white LED also provides five minutes of emergency light with only 30 seconds of cranking.

To operate the Sidewinder, find the appropriate adaptor for your cell phone (included adaptors fit about 90% of current cell phones), attach it to the 12" charging cable, and plug it in to your cell phone. Then, unfold the hand crank and wind away. If you need to use the Sidewinder while talking, use a headset because both hands will be occupied with turning the hand crank. Needless to say, don't try to use it while driving.

The Sidewinder hand crank cell phone charger is available for $24.99 from IST Designs.

More info: 888/478-6565 orÜwww.istdesigns.com.Ü


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