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Military Medics Recognized as ABC's "Person(s) of the Week"

On Friday, June 2, ABC news anchor Charles Gibson announced that ABC's "Person of the Week" were the Medics of Iraq in recognition of the outstanding work they are performing on the front lines of the war against terror.

In particular, Gibson recognized the efforts of the medics that rendered frontline field care to 39-year-old CBS newswoman, Kimberly Dozier. Dozier was injured Monday, May 29 when a car bomb exploded in Baghdad. Cameraman Paul Douglas and soundman James Brolan, a U.S. soldier and an Iraqi interpreter were all killed in the blast.

Dozier received the best care the military has to offer (the same care all of our soldiers are receiving in the field) and was rapidly airlifted to a military hospital about a mile away. CBS said at one point, her blood pressure plummeted and her heart stopped.

Dozier is now resting comfortably today after receiving extensive treatment for injuries to her head and legs. At a recent media briefing Tuesday in Germany, Col. Bryan Gamble said Dozier was moving her toes on the flight to Landstuhl and "was responsive, opening her eyes to commands."

Doctors were able to remove shrapnel from Dozier's head but her more serious injuries are to her lower body. However, they expressed cautious optimism about her recovery, the network said

JEMS echoes Gibson's praise for our military medics, recognizing the work they are performing every day in the field to combat morbidity and mortality.


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