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Exercise Every Little Bit Helps

Twenty minutes a day can keep weight gain away. Yes, 20 minutes of time devoted to some form of exercise can maintain or reduce weight gain. Added benefits are endless. From a decrease in heart-disease risks to stress reduction, to increased energy the list goes on and on. Think smart, eat healthy, exercise often and live longer!


Where in the World of EMS is A.J. Heightman?

You cant get there from here.

Reflecting on 35 Years of Innovation in JEMS

Take a walk through the last 35 years of EMS in JEMS.

Pro Bono: Documenting Patient Refusals

Obtaining a signature is only the start of accepting refusal.

The Reasons Why EMS Systems Go Astray

Normalization of deviance doesn’t happen overnight.

Thorough Assessment is Crucial in Patients with Respiratory Distress

Accurate observation and treatment go a long way when considering all causes of respiratory distress.

Training, Practice, Research Lead to Successful Airway Management

Knowing how to correctly intubate a patient is only half the battle.

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