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New Products & Innovations from 2011 EMS Today

Award-winning & inventive new products introduced at the 2011 EMS Today Conference & Exposition



A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P | From the June 2011 Issue | Wednesday, June 1, 2011


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New Products & Innovations from 2011 EMS Today

See what you missed on the showroom floor of EMS Today.
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This year at the EMS Today Conference & Exposition, judges and attendees had the opportunity to review and evaluate new products. These innovations in medical equipment and products are designed to make your job safer and more efficient, but they also enhance the delivery of patient care. The JEMSY Awards allowed manufacturers to display their products in a central area at EMS Today and be judged by a special review panel that looked at all aspects of product innovation, creativity and need within the EMS field. Awards were made in three categories: Best New Product, Judges Selection and Attendee Popular Choice.

In addition to the JEMSY Award products profiled here, a team of product reviewers scoured the exhibit hall to evaluate other new and innovative products on display by the nearly 300 exhibitors. Their selections include more of the best new products released at EMS Today, and they’re presented here in random order for your review. Look for additional coverage of many other products reviewed in upcoming JEMS Hands On columns.

This article originally appeared in June 2011 JEMS as “New Products & Innovations: Award-winning & inventive new products introduced at the 2011 EMS Today Conference & Exposition.”

New Products & Innovations from 2011 EMS Today

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Emergency Products + I.T.D. (Improved Traction Device)

2011 JEMSY Award Popular Choice The I.T.D. (Improved Traction Device) from Emergency Products + increases patient comfort with its innovative detachable ankle hitch, padded groin stabilizer component and ankle straps. This splint folds up into an ultra-compact size and can be easily stored in a kit or vehicle compartment. The I.T.D.’s pole is virtually indestructible because it’s manufactured out of strong X-ray translucent carbon fiber, which is 10 times stronger and lighter than the aluminum poles currently used. The ankle hitch is designed for added patient comfort, preventing unnecessary movement of the leg through the use of a detachable stirrup. Each splint pull tab is designed for ease of use with gloved hands. Emergency Products +

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2011 JEMSY Award Judges' Choice Hartwell Medical’s FASPLINT FULLBODY vacuum splint provides fast, effective and comfortable full-body immobilization at a budget-friendly price. It molds to the exact shape of each patient’s body to support and immobilize, relieving pressure-point tenderness from a hard backboard and vastly increasing patient comfort. Hartwell Medical

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Ramedic Hurl-e “Pocket-Size” Emesis Container

2011 JEMSY Award Popular Judges' Choice for Best New Product The Hurl-e “Pocket-Size” Emesis Container by Ramedic has ingenious design features that make it highly functional and safe for coherent patients (handheld) and impaired patients (hands free), as well as rescuers. The compact, 2 liter emesis container fits in your pocket so it’s ready when needed, and it deploys in seconds. It also features a large, 36-square-inch opening, a neck strap for hands-free use and a flat bottom, so it can be set down. But the most innovative aspect of the container is the way the back and side panels form a “bib/chute” that channels vomit into the container by securing the Hurl-e under the impaired patient’s chin using the attached neck strap. This “hands-free” tool allows paramedics to tend to more important tasks. And when the Hurl-e is used by coherent patients (handheld), the “bib/chute” functions as a splash guard or privacy shield. This not only provides the patient privacy, but it also helps direct emesis into the container while protecting the rescuer from splatter and unnecessary exposure to fluid and other expelled materials. Ramedic

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Laerdal Medical SimiJunior/MamaNatalie Birthing Simulator

2011 JEMSY Awards Laerdal Medical’s SimJunior full-body pediatric simulator allows learners to gain exposure and practical experience to life-threatening pediatric problems in a safe, risk-free environment. It’s a very realistic, durable simulator that offers an easy-to-use and versatile platform. Available in basic and advanced versions, SimJunior allows instructors to scale their training to meet their needs. Laerdal’s innovative MamaNatalie Birthing Simulator is strapped to the instructor or a standardized “patient,” who plays the role of the mother while operating the components within the birthing “suit.” The instructor/standardized patient manually controls the scenario and responds to the student’s performance. MamaNatalie comes complete with NeoNatalie, Laerdal’s newborn simulator. Laerdal

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The Wise Company Inc. The Anthro Attendant

2011 JEMSY Awards The Anthro Attendant from The Wise Company Inc. is an ergonomically designed lightweight, seamless attendant seat designed to meet the proposed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1917 Standard for automotive ambulances. It’s made with latex-free, anti-microbial material and accommodates multiple belt systems. The soft, seamless outer skin is manufactured with Polyurethane Intergral Skin technology and other lightweight materials that make it around 20 lbs. less than other chairs on the market. The chair offers the attendant back and hip support and is more slender than other seats on the market, so it takes up less space in the back of the ambulance. The Wise Company Inc.

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Prodaptive Medical Innovations Ltd. STAL Shield and Stand

2011 JEMSY Awards The rectangular, domed STAL Shield and Stand from Prodaptive Medical Innovations Ltd. isolates, shields and secures numerous medical instruments from contaminated surfaces and shields personnel from body fluids and substances. This easy-to-use, clear device slips over such items as Yankauer suction catheters and handheld manual suction units and reduces contamination and infection potential related to common, yet critical, medical instruments. In addition to offering personnel splash and splatter shielding, the square, clear stand serves as a physical support of the instrument and allows crystal clear vision of the work area. The STAL is intuitive in application, lightweight and useful for manual suction units and other products in the field. Prodaptive Medical Innovations Ltd.

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Ferno ACETECH System

2011 JEMSY Awards Ferno’ ACETECH System is a fully integrated vehicle performance monitoring and control system with system-wide, on-board intelligence. ACETECH modules can be installed together or individually, and they seamlessly merge with a vehicle’s electronics and communications to offer services insight into every facet of their fleet’s operational conditions. This system allows agencies to maximize communication, safety and fuel-saving systems for their emergency vehicles. Ferno

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Airtraq Wireless Display Recorder (AWDR)

The Airtraq Wireless Display Recorder (AWDR) is designed to work with the Airtraq guided, video intubation system and can now record intubations for future reference and training. The AWDR automatically receives and display the images from the Airtraq video camera. The unit is lightweight and portable, operating on its own rechargeable battery. Providers can mount the recorder via any standard VESA 75/75 bracket (Code: ATQ-335). The unit also includes a charging dock station for the Airtraq camera. Airtraq LLC

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ARE/Spacekap’s Rapid Intervention Unit

ARE/Spacekap’s Rapid Intervention Unit is a fiberglass, slip-in unit designed to be installed on pickup truck and used for first response to mass casualty incident and disaster scenes. This aerodynamic, monocoque unit is built to fit Ford, GM, Dodge and Tundra standard and 4 x 4 pickups. It features non-corrosive construction, 40/60 back doors and LED lighting. Best of all, this unit is transferable from one pickup to another in minutes. ARE/Spacekap

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BOMImed Introes Pocket Bougi

The BOMImed Introes Pocket Bougie is a compact, easy-to-store and deploy, self-lubricated Bougie. It’s packaged so it fits directly in your pocket or kit and features superior memory characteristics that make it a simple and convenient solution for the difficult airway. BOMImed

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BoundTree Medical Fiber Optic Blades GreenLED Handle

The GreenLED Handle from Fiber Optic Blades is an alkaline-powered LED fiber optic laryngoscope handle that features a twist-out steel light cartridge with the LED and batteries. It has a comfortable silicone grip that accepts existing stainless steel blades. The white, daylight LED is bright and cool, and it affords you extended battery and lamp life. And because the light source doesn’t use a filament, it casts no central shadow. BoundTree Medical

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Braun Industries Freedom

The Freedom, Braun Industries’ newest ambulance model, is designed to meet the demands of the fire-based EMS community, featuring exceptional exterior storage for fire-rescue tools and a custom-designed module for patient and crew safety. Braun Industries Inc.

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C3 Softworks Q&A software

Q&A software from C3 Softworks is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, tool that creates professional looking, highly interactive presentations through innovative polling, quizzes and games. This software enables you to build your presentation from scratch or save time by simply importing existing PowerPoint slides. The program’s step-by-step interface will help you create a dynamic impression every time. You can use keypads (or play virtually in a Web conference) and gather results instantly. C3 Softworks

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Demers’ MXP 150, Type I, 72"

Demers’ MXP 150, Type I, 72" headroom ambulance was designed for use in extreme environments. It has separate multiplex-controlled heating and A/C systems for maximum efficiency and easier diagnostics and service. The Demers Diffusion AIRFLOW System projects heat across the street side floor level for gentle heating (no direct air stream on the patient). The A/C is multi-ducted across the ceiling, diffusing the air with adjustable vents. Its 150" x 95" all-aluminum modular body is fully welded, with single sheet side walls and a roof that can be mounted on Ford F350 and F450 4x4 chassis and on GM Silverado 3500 HD (two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive) chassis. The aerodynamic roof design houses LED warning lights and offers fuel cost savings. Key features include a dash-mounted Heads-Up Console that helps keep the driver’ eyes on the road and an industry-first: high-visibility, automobile-style windows that provide increased natural lighting inside the vehicle and more visibility to the outside. Demers Ambulances

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Engel USA’s MHD13F-DM

Engel USA’s MHD13F-DM portable fridge/freezer/warmer is designed to meet service needs for the delivery of induced hypothermia but has the ability to keep contents frozen, cold or warm. Digital controls allow it to maintain a constant temperature from 0–113˚ F. This compact model is FDA registered, runs on 12V/24V DC power and features Engel’s proven F-Series compressor. Engel USA

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First Line Technology Fibertect

Fibertect from First Line Technology is a three-layer, inert, flexible, drapable, non-woven composite substrate for absorbing chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals and pesticides. It’s self-contained and packaged for easy use, storage and transport. First Line Technology LLC

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Gaumard Scientific HAL S1030

The HAL S1030 from Gaumard Scientific is a full-body simulator that features an airway you can intubate with 10 levels of static compliance and five levels of independently controlled airway resistances. Connect HAL to a real ventilator, specify inspiratory time and rate, inspiratory/expiratory ratio and lung sounds. Programmable airway and lung pathologies including asthma, chronic bronchitis, congestive heart failure, emphysema and pneumothorax. It’s capable of A/C and PCV modes of ventilation, assisting the ventilator at variable respiratory rates, holding PEEP, measurable carbon dioxide on exhalation and using dynamic lung mechanics throughout entire scenarios. Gaumard Scientific

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HAIX Airpower R1, 8" EMS/Station

The HAIX Airpower R1, 8" EMS/Station boot is NFPA 1999–2008 compliant and features a built-in arch support system that supports the wearer’s feet in their natural, ideal position. It also features a steel toe with an additional exterior rubber toe cap for extra abrasion protection, a heat-resistant sole for use on hot grounds and the HAIX Secura Liner, which will never come loose or wrinkle up. It’s made with Crosstech material and is waterproof, breathable, chemical and bloodborne-pathogen resistant. And its sun-reflective leather keeps the leather and the wearer’s feet cooler in direct sunlight. HAIX North America

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Health & Safety Institute GoToAID

The innovative GoToAID mobile application from Health & Safety Institute provides emergency care instructions for download to smart phones and other electronic devices. Compliant with leading mobile platforms from Apple and Android, GotoAID offers an expanding database that currently features more than 400 topics, which cover first aid for both people and pets. Health & Safety Institute

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HoverTech Intl. HoverMatt Air Transfer System

With the HoverMatt Air Transfer System from HoverTech Intl., EMS providers can move and transfer patients (up to 1,200 lbs.) to a hospital bed or stretcher on a cushion of air. A small, quiet, battery-operated air pump inflates the mattress to support and cradle the patient, while thousands of holes in the underside of the mattress allow air to escape, making transfers easier and virtually eliminating injuries related to bariatric lateral transfers. With reduced skin shear and bruising, the HoverMatt air transfer system also provides more comfort and safety for your patients. HoverTech Intl.

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Life Core Technologies Sandhu Cerebral Cooling Collar

The Sandhu Cerebral Cooling Collar from Life Core Technologies is designed to be applied to patients suffering sudden cardiac arrest, stroke and traumatic brain injury to cool the patient and reduce neurologic injury caused by oxygen deprivation. The device immobilizes the patient while cooling blood flow through the carotid arteries via a disposable cooling element. It induces mild hypothermia of the brain. LIFE CORE TECHNOLOGIES

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Medtec RediMedic Ambulance

Medtec’s RediMedic Ambulance features a full range of innovative features in popular configurations. The line includes a recessed overhead grab-rail, angled and protected roll-up flooring, ducted air conditioning, sweep-out and drop-down compartments, set-back upper interior cabinets, a 10-switch front electrical panel and a fire-grade ADP step well.


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Miller Coach Company Sprinter 2.5

The Miller Coach Company Sprinter 2.5 is a Mercedes-Benz based ambulance with an extended wheel base and more interior storage than a full-size, box-type ambulance. It also includes three captain chairs in the patient compartment, one with a built-in child carrier. Miller Coach Company

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Minto Research &Development Inc. Minto Fracture Kit (Model MFK700)

The Minto Fracture Kit (Model MFK700) is a compact, lightweight MOLLE-equipped pack designed for rapid field response for the treatment of most extremity fractures, dislocations and joint injuries. The kit treats bent-knee injuries, dislocated shoulders, fractured elbows and other areas. The splint’s multi-angle connector allows it to be applied in any position and customized to the patient. Minto Research &Development Inc.

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North American Rescue HyFin Xtreme Chest Seal

The HyFin Xtreme Chest Seal from North American Rescue was designed to meet today’s battlefield needs for a larger size occlusive dressing to treat multiple penetrating chest injuries due to blasts from improvised explosive devices and multiple fragment peppering wounds. The HyFin Xtreme Chest Seal measures 8" x 9.25" and covers more than twice the surface area of other chest seals. NORTH AMERICAN RESCUE

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O-Two Medical Technologies Inc.’s CAREvent

O-Two Medical Technologies Inc.’s CAREvent CPAP is a simple, compact, handheld, demand-actuated continuous positive airway pressure system that fits easily into your oxygen kit and features an “ease-of-use” design concept, single-use patient circuit with face mask, head harness and airway pressure gauge. O-Two Medical Technologies Inc.

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Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. MOGS-100 Trailer System

The MOGS-100 Trailer System is designed to deliver a continuous oxygen supply in a mobile oxygen emergency preparedness application. This system generates medical-grade oxygen on location 24/7 and has the ability to fill high-pressure cylinders or deliver oxygen directly to patient locations. The MOGS-100 Trailer System can be transported to a disaster site and connected to either a local power supply or portable generator. Oxygen Generating Systems Intl.

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Physio-Control’s CODE-STAT 9 Software

Physio-Control’s CODE-STAT 9 Software is a powerful tool to assist you in improving your resuscitation system. It measures system performance, provides important feedback, assists in peer-review and identifies areas in need of change or improvement. New features include continuous waveform capture and CPR interval reporting. Physio-Control Inc.

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PerSys Medical Pocket BVM

PerSys Medical’s Pocket BVM is a handheld collapsible device that can be easily stored for use in manual resuscitation and emergency respiratory support for adult patients. The palm-size, compact device is designed for one-time patient use; however, it can be refolded for training purposes. PerSys Medical

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Simulaids Xtreme Moulage

Simulaids’ Xtreme Moulage wound kit comprises realistic, high-quality explosion and chemical burn injuries as described by the Department of Defense to emulate wounds suffered during improvised explosive device blasts or other explosion activities. Wounds included are to the hands, face, arms, legs and chest. Simulaids

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Tango Integrated Pediatric & Adult Spineboard

The Tango Integrated Pediatric & Adult Spineboard is an ergonomically designed, integrated spineboard that helps you deliver quality care to adults and pediatric patients with one device and maximize vehicle
storage space. Spencer Italia

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Stryker Power-LOAD

Stryker’s Power-LOAD system is a new concept for the EMS industry, but one that’s designed to do what EMS managers and providers like—reduce career-limiting or career-ending back injuries, lost time and workers’ compensation claims. The Power-lift cot fastener system employs a hydraulic lift that attaches to Stryker’s existing Power-PRO cot to lift and lower cots into and out of ambulances through the use of existing cot controls and no stress or strain on the crew. When activated, the system’s “arms” extend out of the ambulance, connect to the cot, retracts its legs and smoothly slides it into the ambulance. The system, which weighs 300 lbs., is mounted inside an ambulance and draws minimal amps (5–10) during its charging process. It will support the weight of the cot and patients weighing up to 700 lbs. Stryker Medical

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Talon Rescue TRECK Emergency Clothing Knife

The TRECK Emergency Clothing Knife from Talon Rescue is the first emergency cutting tool specifically designed to simultaneously remove multiple layers of clothing, equipment and hard-to-cut materials (e.g., turnout gear and leather) from a patient. The TRECK can cut seatbelts, rope and clothing items up to 75% faster than trauma shears. Talon Rescue

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Videx CyberLock Flex System

The CyberLock Flex System from Videx is a modular system that expands the key-centric CyberLock solution, which fire departments and EMS agencies currently use to control and track access to scheduled narcotics. The electronic CyberLocks, programmable keys, Flex access modules and hardwired door systems work together under a single powerful access-management structure. Videx CyberLock Solutions

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zZOLL ePCR iPad App

ZOLL’s new ePCR iPad App provides EMS organizations with critical data capture functionality on the iPad. It’s easy to use with one-tap access to all screens for effortless reporting and features customizable administrative options and auto-population. The App utilizes native iPad functionality to build a fast, intuitive and inherently better patient care report that will revolutionize the way you work. ZOLL

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