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Hands On October 2012

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Dominic Silvestro, EMT-P, EMS-I | From the October 2012 Issue | Monday, September 24, 2012


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Hands On October 2012

Check out the latest products and innovations in JEMS.
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Products reviewed in Hands On October 2012 include:

  • Hovertech International HoverMatt Single-Patient Use Transfer Mattress
  • Sharps Terminator
  • BBraun Introcan Safety 3 Closed IV Catheter
  • Micro Direct Micro CO
  • Streamlight SolarStream
  • Emergear X-Collar Plus

Please see the Gallery for complete product information and reviews.

Hands On October 2012

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Floating on Air

While teaching the chapter on lifting and moving to EMT classes, I routinely joke with the students, saying “If you don't have any back problems yet, you will.” Out-of-position lifting, over reaching and just plain large patients account for countless provider back injuries every year. The Hovertech International HoverMatt Single-Patient Use Transfer Mattress could virtually eliminate caregiver injuries related to lateral transfers and repositioning. The inflatable air mattress and the patient float on a cushion of air. The patient can remain on the HoverMatt mattress during the entire transport as well as their entire hospital stay. There are integrated handles for ease of use, and straps to help secure the patient to the matt during moves. There’s also a limited chance for cross contamination because the mattress is disposable. VITALS Sizes: 34", 39" & 50" wide Power Supply: 110V AC www.Hovermatt.com 800/471-2776

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Stubs & Ashes

JEMS Hot Product EMS Today 2012 Close to 30% of all needle stick injuries occur when healthcare workers attempt to dispose of needles using a sharps container. Research has also shown that more than 80% of sharps injuries are preventable. The Sharps Terminator, one of the Hot Products selected at the 2012 EMS Today Conference & Exhibition, is an effective way to help eliminate sharps-related injuries; it renders syringes and needles harmless and turns needles into stubs and inert ashes in three seconds. Here’s how it works: The needle body completes a circuit between two angled copper electrodes. The resistance from the needle creates heat that destroys the metal portion of the needle. The plastic hub is then cut above the metal needle. The debris then falls into a cleanout tube at the bottom of the unit where it is exposed to UV light to eliminate contaminants. The remaining syringe is now harmless and can be disposed of in a regular medical waste container. This entire process can be accomplished with one hand while you're at the patient’s side, so you no longer have to reach across your ambulance or walk to another area of the room to dispose of your needles. VITALS
Height: 7"
Weight: Less than 5 lbs.
Power: Rechargeable battery
Price: $899

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Safety First

The BBraun Introcan Safety 3 Closed IV Catheter has a passive safety needle shield that deploys automatically and cannot be bypassed, which aids in the prevention of needlestick injuries. The multiple-access blood control septum helps prevent blood exposure each time the catheter hub is accessed. Introcan Safety 3’s integrated stabilization platform improves catheter stability and minimizes movement within the vessel, reducing a number of catheter-related complications such as phlebitis, infiltration/extravasation, site infection, dislodgement and catheter kinking. In addition, the advanced hub design allows for easier connections and less touch contamination, and the catheter’s smooth ergonomic surface optimizes patient comfort. Introcan Safety 3’s innovative design features are designed to protect EMS professionals from needlesticks and blood exposure, as well as help maintain site access during patient transport. VITALS
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Exhaled CO Monitor

Headache, fatigue, weakness, flu-like symptoms—one of the most overlooked causes of these signs and symptoms is carbon monoxide poisoning (CO poisoning). It’s also important that firefighters are checked and monitored for CO poisoning after exiting a hazardous environment. The Micro Direct Micro CO is a non-invasive monitor that accurately tests exhaled end-tidal CO levels in less than one minute. The measurements are obtained from a single expiration and instantly displayed on a liquid crystal display. Disposable cardboard mouth pieces are used for each person tested. This product also meets NFPA 1584 Standard on the Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations and Training Exercises. VITALS
Size: 6.5" x 2.5" x 1"
Weight: 5.6 oz.
Power: 9V battery
Price: $1,150

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Harness the Sun

The Streamlight SolarStream supplemental solar charging panel helps offset battery drain from computer systems and other rechargeable electronics when an emergency responder vehicle is off. It extends battery life and limits battery-related vehicle maintenance. Using a thin-film amorphous silicon charging panel, the Streamlight SolarStream adheres to a variety of contoured surfaces. The panel allows for 14 watts of maximum power in full sunlight, but it maintains a trickle charge to the vehicle battery even in low sun and cloudy conditions, and is both heat and shade tolerant. It has encapsulated amorphous silicon technology, which offers exceptional durability and weather resistance. And it’s tested for wind resistance up to 120 miles per hour. VITALS
40.88" long by 13.07" wide
Weight: 1.3 pounds
Warranty: 5-year limited
Price: $400

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All-in-One C-Spine System

How many times have your head blocks, towel rolls, tape or Velcro slipped, slid or failed to keep your patient fully immobilized? Also, reflect back on how often you’ve attempted to apply C-Collars that just wouldn’t fit your patients properly. The Emergear X-Collar Plus is a splinting system that utilizes bi-lateral and vertical adjustment that create a customized fit for patients with body types ranging from pediatric to extra large adults. The inexpensive X-Collar Plus also has an oversized trachea opening to allow for carotid pulse checks and advanced airway procedures. The most unique feature of this product is the integrated Head Restraint System, which replaces the use of head blocks or towel rolls. The system includes a height adjustable Occipital Support Pad, which ensures proper spinal alignment, and the integrated Velcro straps secure the patient to the backboard.

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Dominic Silvestro, EMT-P, EMS-I

Dominic Silvestro, EMT-P, EMS-I, is a firefighter/paramedic for the Richmond Heights (Ohio) Fire Department. He is also an EMS coordinator and EMS educator for the University Hospitals EMS Training and Disaster Preparedness Institute and an adjunct faculty member at Cuyahoga Community College. He can be reached at d.silvestro@jems.com.


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