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Hands On December 2012

Product reviews from street crews


Dominic Silvestro, EMT-P, EMS-I | From the December 2012 Issue | Thursday, December 6, 2012


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Hands On December 2012

Check out the latest products and innovations in JEMS.
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Products reviewed in Hands On December 2012 include:

  • Fast Set-3 Moldable Splint Kit from FareTec Inc.
  • OnPage from Onset Technology
  • onBoard Mobile Gateway from In Motion Technology
  • Black Eagle Tactical Shoe from HAIX USA
  • DVM-250Plus from Digital Ally Inc.

Please see the Gallery for complete product information and reviews.

Hands On December 2012

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Make Your Mold

Splinting can be challenging even for the most skilled provider; dealing with severely angulated extremities or trying to find a comfortable position for your patient are just two common problems. FareTec Inc.’s Fast Set-3 Moldable Splint Kit combines the easy application of utility splints with the advantages of a fiberglass cast. The FS-3 is a fiberglass splint that can be easily molded to an extremity. It’s activated with 1–2 ounces of water and sets fully hardened in about three minutes. The FS-3 is available in a variety of sizes as well as a complete kit that includes the splint, PriMed Gauze bandage and a SalJet for activation. VITALS
Material: X-ray translucent, water-activated polyester
Prices: 3" x 12" case of 5, $40 4" x 15" case of 10, $100 4" x 30" case of 5, $85 5" x 30" case of 5, $95

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Secure Your Communications

Communication in the EMS world is far too important to take chances on pagers, SMS and other unreliable systems. OnPage, a priority messaging and paging app from Onset Technology, is currently being used by more than 1,000 medical, emergency, information technology and call center organizations today. With OnPage smartphone priority messaging, you get a reliable, affordable and—most importantly—secure communication option. Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTouch, Blackberry and Android, the system also features acknowledged delivery of high-priority messages. It’s a great solution to your paging and messaging needs. VITALS
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTouch, Blackberry, Android
Price: Call for subscription plans

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Ambulance Is a Hotspot

Communications in the field have changed drastically in recent years. The use of 12-lead transmission, cell phones, laptops, smartphones and tablets is now commonplace in EMS. To make matters more difficult, all of these devices are competing, in many cases, over a single network, causing slow response, dropped calls and frozen modems. In Motion Technology’s onBoard Mobile Gateway turns ambulances into wireless hotspots, providing seamless, secure connectivity to all of the devices in and around your ambulance even while you’re moving. The onBoard Mobility Manager provides larger EMS systems the ability to analyze information from each Gateway in the field via a dashboard that shows ambulance GPS location and monitors vehicle diagnostics, devices and networks. VITALS
Networks: Compatible with all wireless broadband networks
Weight: 6.5 lb/2.9 kg
Length: 10.8 in/27.4 cm
Width: 8.8 in/22.3 cm
Height: 2.4 in/6.0 cm
Price: Call for pricing

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Tactical Technology

There are many shoes out there for EMS providers; I’m sure you’ve gone through your share. Some protect great but are heavy, hot and bulky, while others are lightweight but tend to fall apart quickly. The Black Eagle Tactical Shoe from HAIX USA combines advanced running shoe technology with waterproof leather for a shoe that’s lightweight yet durable, extremely slip-resistant and highly breathable. The leather upper also features Sun Reflect technology that reduces the heating effects of the sun. The insert is comfortable, anti-bacterial, well-cushioned and wicks moisture. The Black Eagle features an energy return spring-back material built into the forefoot for effective energy return and a built-in shank for additional sole stabilization. The inner lining is made of three-layer, waterproof GORE-TEX laminate. The outer sole’s anti-slip construction is effective on different terrains and provides stabilization. The Black Eagle comes in low, mid and high heights. VITALS
Color: Black
Sizes: U.S. 4–13 (14, 15 & 16 extra)
Price: Low $169; mid $179; high $189

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Smile, You're on Camera!

The DVM-250Plus by Digital Ally Inc. allows you to record audio and video inside and video outside your vehicle from up to eight cameras. The entire system is integrated into the rearview mirror. Cameras can be set to record on a continuous loop or activated by independent triggers. For example, an internal vehicle compartment camera could record when the back door was opened; a side camera could be activated when the driver’s side door was opened; the rear-view mirror camera and road-facing cameras could record when the vehicle swerved or was involved in a collision; a license plate camera could be activated when the vehicle was placed in reverse; and a camera in the drug storage compartment could activate when the door opens to record who entered that compartment. This system can also provide video documentation of an unruly patient or to show unusual signs and symptoms to an emergency department physician. Recordings are stored on the Secure Digital (SD) card in case additional footage is required. VITALS
Video: 720 x 480 high-resolution video with up to 30 fps
Internal Memory: 16GB
External Memory: 8GB–32GB
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Dominic Silvestro, EMT-P, EMS-I

Dominic Silvestro, EMT-P, EMS-I, is a firefighter/paramedic for the Richmond Heights (Ohio) Fire Department. He is also an EMS coordinator and EMS educator for the University Hospitals EMS Training and Disaster Preparedness Institute and an adjunct faculty member at Cuyahoga Community College. He can be reached at d.silvestro@jems.com.


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