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Dominic Silvestro, EMT-P, EMS-I | From the April 2013 Issue | Monday, May 13, 2013


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Hands On April 2013

Check out the latest products and innovations in JEMS.
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Products reviewed in Hands On April 2013 include:

  • Whelen 360 Degree Remote Control Spotlight
  • Rayovac On-The-Go Battery Charger
  • Panasonic Toughpad Tablet
  • Chinook Medical Gear Medical Operator TMK-MO
  • North Coast Outfitters SR601J-49UW Stretcher
  • Hartwell Medical BioHoop Collection 

Please see the gallery for complete product information and reviews.

Hands On April 2013

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Versatile Scene Lighting

Creating a well-lit scene can be a challenge. On many of our emergency vehicles, lighting is limited based on the angle at which the vehicle is parked, and many vehicle mounted spotlights have limited capabilities. The new Pan & Tilt Series 360-Degree Remote Control Spotlight from Whelen Engineering combines professional grade LED lighting in a 360° remote control spotlight. The wired or wireless push-button control allows for panning 210° left or right, 90° upward and 20° downward. The spotlight returns to the home position when it’s turned off. The LEDs provide 1,475 Lumens while drawing only 2 amps. The light also features a polycarbonate base and dome. The base comes in either permanent mount or flange mount options. VITALS
Size: 7 3/4" W x 8 3/4" H
Color: Black
Mount: Permanent mount or flange mount
Price: Wired control, $960.00; wireless control, $1,010.00

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Instant Power

It never fails: My cell phone battery is on its last breath. I forgot to charge it last night. My charger is at home or I don’t have the time to sit and wait for it to charge. The On-the-Go Charger from Rayovac gives you instant power when you need it. This device can be carried on your keychain, in your pocket or purse, or in your vehicle. You can charge the On-the-Go Charger on any USB charger or computer. Once charged, the On-the-Go Charger allows you to power your device for an additional 45 minutes of talk time. Two separate adapters make it compatible with your Apple or Micro-USB device. The 400mA lithium ion rechargeable battery will hold a charge for up to 12 months. VITALS
Size: 3" L x 1 1/4" W x 1/2" D
Weight: 5.8 oz.
Color: Black or white
Price: $9.99

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Durable Tablet

Several new tablets have hit the market recently. Although many EMS agencies are now using them, there are still some concerns about durability and security. The new Toughpad FZ A1 from Panasonic is designed to meet many of the same durability standards as the Toughbook PC product line. The FZ A1 features a professional-grade Android-powered tablet with a high-brightness, 10.1” XGA capacitive, multi-touch, daylight viewable screen. The Touchpad is perfect for the highly mobile worker. It is built to handle extreme environmental conditions and has a drop rating of 4 feet. The stylus and active digitizer allows for flexible data entry, signature capture and handwriting recognition. There’s a 5.0 megapixel rear camera and a 2.0 megapixel front camera. The advanced level security features on the FZ A1 make it both HIPAA ready and FIPS 140-2 compliant for federal government use. The FZ A1 also boasts 10-hour battery life and has Micro-USB, microSDHC and HDMI Micro Connector inputs. VITALS
Size: 10.5" H x 8.3" W x 0.67" D
Operating System: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Marvell 1.2 GHz duel-core
Memory: 1 GB LB-DDR2 RAM
Weight: 2.1 lbs. (without pen)
Price: $1,299.00

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Low Profile Medical Backpack

The Medical Operator TMK-MO is the latest in a line of tactical and rescue medical kits from Chinook Medical Gear. This pack is designed for quick-hit rescues. The Medical Operator TMK-MO is a smaller, low-profile backpack to use when space, weight and function are of the utmost importance. Its modular design features include multiple rows of pouch attachment ladder system (PALS) webbing for securing additional equipment. The inside pouches are removable and held in place with Velcro. Each pouch has removable labels, including “Bandages,” “IV” and “Airway.” There are also removable instrument panels with red pull tabs. Every inch of this pack in used for storage. It’s available fully stocked or empty so you can stock it with the supplies your service uses most. VITALS
Color: Black, ACU, coyote brown, multi-cam or OD
Size: 19" H x 12" W x 4" D
Weight: 4.4 lbs. (empty); 10.6 lbs. (fully-stocked kit)
Price: $213.00 (empty); $650.00 (fully-stocked kit)

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No More Sinking

Performing a rescue in an area where the ground is soft is never easy. Especially if you have to move the patient long distances. The SR601J-49UW Stretcher Cart from North Coast Outfitters makes traversing sand, mud and any other soft terrain fast and easy. The extra-large wheel set moves over soft terrain without bogging down like other smaller wheels. Assembly is easy and can be performed by one rescuer. Constructed from aviation-grade 6061 aluminum alloy, it’s both lightweight and strong. The SR601J-49UW works with Junkin basket stretchers and the SR601F-49UW fits the Ferno basket stretchers. The wheel set can also be used with an entire family of NATO military stretchers as well.   VITALS Color: Black with gray wheels Size: 27" H x 44" W Weight: 32 lbs. Payload: Up to 400 lbs. Price: Call for pricing www.northcoastoutfitters.com 631/727-5580

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No More Spills or Lost Belongings

The BioHoop Collection Bag from Hartwell Medical is a new concept for hazardous waste disposal. The bag has an extra-wide opening and leak-proof zip strip closure. This leak-proof design is perfect for disposal of bodily fluids, emesis and scene trash, and it will hold up to 3,000 ccs of fluid. The bag has a plastic hook that you can attach to your stretcher or IV pole for easy access and disposal. How many times have you left a patient’s glasses, wristwatch or other belongings in your ambulance? Now you can place them in a BioHoop Collection Bag and attach it right to your patient with the bags lapel clip. VITALS
Color: Clear front/white back
Size: 8" W x 13" L
Price: $21.60 per dozen (with hook); $18.60 per dozen (without hook)

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Dominic Silvestro, EMT-P, EMS-I

Dominic Silvestro, EMT-P, EMS-I, is a firefighter/paramedic for the Richmond Heights (Ohio) Fire Department. He is also an EMS coordinator and EMS educator for the University Hospitals EMS Training and Disaster Preparedness Institute and an adjunct faculty member at Cuyahoga Community College. He can be reached at d.silvestro@jems.com.


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