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From the April 2011 Issue | Friday, April 1, 2011


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Hands On April 2011

Product Reviews From Street Crews
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Hands On April 2011

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Ryobi Tek4 Audio Plus Noise Suppression Headphones

The noise of a technical rescue or prolonged vehicle extrication unnerves a lot of patients. Although standard ear protectors enable you to protect the patient’s hearing from the noise, they usually force you to then sacrifice your ability to talk to the patient during the extrication and keep them calm. The new Tek4 Audio Plus Noise Suppression Headphones from Ryobi are designed for construction, but they’ll protect the patient’s hearing, as well as offer battery-powered microphones that enable two-way communication between the patient and a rescuer, allowing for clean, calming communications.

Noise Reduction Rating: 25 decibels
Power: 4-volt Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Run Time: 24 hours
Price: $69.97

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FoxFury Scout-Tasker Safety Glow Case

How do you find a flashlight when the power goes out? Do you fumble around in the dark or use the light from your cell phone? The new Scout-Tasker Safety Glow Case flashlight from FoxFury has a yellow phosphorescent case, which glows in the dark and is much easier (and safer) to find. The Scout-Tasker has 10 LEDs—six white and four red—that provide four lighting options: all white, all red, blinking white and red, and both red and white segments lit. The light is also waterproof up to 20', just in case the power failure results from a flash flood. VITALS
Weight: 5.7 oz.
Dimensions: 1.8" x 0.9" x 3.7"
Power: Three AA batteries
Output: 28 lumens
Price: $39.99

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Cyalume 15" Impact Lightsticks

A number of natural gas explosions have occurred throughout the country recently. They may have piqued your interest in carrying a light source that won’t emit a spark. The new 15" Impact Lightsticks from Cyalume offer a safe way to address many unique lighting issues. These long lightsticks are specially designed to illuminate when struck against a firm object or surface. You can throw one down a dark alley or into a hole where a patient is trapped, and it will provide consistent light for 12 hours once it hits the ground. The new five-minute, ultra-high-intensity light is bright enough to provide a distraction that will ruin someone’s night vision and give you a few precious seconds to escape if you’re confronted on scene and police aren’t present. VITALS
Length: 15"
12-Hour Colors: Green, yellow and red
Eight-Hour Colors: Blue and white
Five-Minute Ultra-Intensity Color: Orange
Price: $140–240 per case of 20

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5.11 Tac Dry Rain Shell

Working in the rain is no fun. You usually have a choice of getting wet from the rain or becoming wet with sweat from rain gear that keeps heat inside and acts like a sauna. The new Tac Dry Rain Shell from 5.11 Tactical is made from a breathable fabric and loaded with the features that have made 5.11 popular with emergency responders. The shell has a removable hood—that conveniently rolls into collar—removable pull-out ID panels, five pockets and quick-access, side-seam zips. This jacket will also serve you well as an “off-duty” or dignitary protection outer garment. VITALS
Colors: Black, navy and charcoal
Sizes: XS–3XL
Price: $144.99

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Otterbox eReader Cases

EMS workers have always embraced technology. Whether it’s the newest communications equipment, the latest ECG monitor feature, the hottest new laptop, smartphone or eReader, EMTs and paramedics love gadgets that will help them do their job better. The rise in popularity of the Kindle, Nook and other electronic books now makes the days of lugging around gigantic clinical textbooks a thing of the past. And if you’re going to use this new technology on the job, you have to protect it from the drops, slips and spills that are a normal occurrence in EMS. The new line of eReader Cases from Otterbox will resist scratches, bumps and shocks while allowing complete access to all controls and ports. VITALS
Color: Black
Weight: 1–7 oz.
Price: $49

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CliniTrack EMS

Clinical education is an integral part of EMS instruction. All the book knowledge you acquire will be of limited use if you’ve never placed your hands on a patient. And one of the trickiest parts of a clinical education coordinator’s job is managing the mix of students, settings, objectives and procedures. A new software package from CliniTrack EMS allows clinical coordinators to create custom templates for tracking these skills and experiences. CliniTrack EMS offers simple, easy-to-navigate screens for data entry by students and instructors and will help you prepare many of the reports required for program accreditation.

Price: $60 per student
volume discounts available

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The use of global positioning system (GPS) technology has revolutionized the way we navigate the countryside. Although consumer-grade GPS devices are often used by emergency responders, they don’t have the level of detail really needed to enhance emergency response. Location is great, but occupancy, floor plans, hydrant locations, a list of special-needs residents and hazards make for a complete picture of the destination. The new On-Scene Explorer Software from Iron Compass provides these enhanced mapping features in an easy-to-use interface, and the “dispatch monitor” feature will automatically locate your calls for you. VITALS
Call for pricing

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New Deliveries: Medical Ambulance Bus

Howard County, Md., has numerous group and nursing home facilities, not to mention only one hospital. In recent years, a number of senior-citizen-only residential buildings have been developed in the county.

If an emergency occurred, and the evacuation of a facility was urgently needed, the department’s current fleet of 12 staffed ambulances would have a difficult time accomplishing the evacuation in a timely manner. Many, and in some cases all the residents, citizens and patients in these facilities are bedridden and wouldn’t be able to sit in a conventional bus. The medical ambulance bus (MAB) allows for the movement of up to 14 stretchered patients at one time. This will greatly reduce the strain on the current ambulance fleet in a large scale incident or disaster.
Besides the obvious capabilities of transporting 14 stretchered patients, the MABs were designed with addition enhancements. The MAB has the ability to transport approximately eight wheelchair patients and has capabilities for bariatric cot transport, including a lift winch. The MAB has the ability to easily remove six stretchered beds in approximately five minutes, so that drop-down, wall-mounted seats can be used to accommodate 12 seated positions.

Those same 12 seats, as well as the five provider seats on the MAB, could be used as medical rehab on extended incidents or sheltering for long term incidents with inclement weather. The MAB will be an asset to DFRS for many of the large scale special events held in Howard County. For more information, visit

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New Deliveries: Neonatal/Pediatric Transport Vehicle

A much-needed piece of equipment made its debut in Southeastern North Carolina this past November. The specially-designed neonatal/pediatric critical care transport vehicle is the largest in North Carolina and helps fragile newborns and children from around the seven-county area safely travel to the level of care they need, including to the intensive care services offered at NHRMC’s Betty H. Cameron Women’s & Children Hospital.
“Having this vehicle could save lives by allowing us to more rapidly respond to emergencies involving newborns and children from eastern North Carolina and South Carolina,” says Fernando Moya, MD, director of neonatology at the Betty H. Cameron Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

The neonatal/pediatric critical care transport vehicle is capable of transporting two neonatal isolettes or two transport stretchers and a crew of up to six medical personnel and a driver. A DVD player with built-in flat-screen monitor, soft interior colors with a beach theme, and ceiling panels resembling the sky filled with hot air balloons, make the ride a little less scary and provide a welcome distraction for children. The cab of the ambulance is capable of transporting the parents of a patient in relative comfort with an available video monitor to see how their child is doing and relieving a little of the stress of emergency situations. For more information on the services provided at New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s Betty H. Cameron Women’s & Children’s Hospital, visit

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Book Review

Prehospital Emergency Care, Ninth Edition
By Mistovich J, Karren K, Werman H, et al
This textbook is a comprehensive and valuable resource for students, educators and prehospital care providers at all levels. This edition has been extensively revised to meet the national EMS education standards and includes an entirely new pathophysiology chapter. Prehospital-care students and educators alike will appreciate the multiple thinking critically cues listed throughout the textbook, which emphasize how the development and acquisition of solid critical thinking skills is imperative to a successful prehospital career. Key terms, assessment tips and objectives listed throughout each chapter promote an increased level of comprehension for all learning styles, while numerous case studies provide an excellent platform for clinical discussion in a classroom setting, as well as a structured resource ideal for independent reflection.
Where applicable, discussion regarding the pediatric patient can be found throughout the textbook, rather than solely in the pediatric chapter. This encourages the reader to frequently develop the critical thinking skills essential to providing effective care for these patients, which in turn promotes an increased preparedness for these dynamic and emotional calls. The detailed content of the textbook is an excellent education and reference tool. Wonderfully organized, illustrated and informative, this textbook is a must have for every student, educator and prehospital-care provider’s library.
—Natalie Harris, A-EMCA

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Book Review

Capnography, King of the ABC’s: A Systematic Approach for Paramedics
By Troy Valente
Paramedic Troy Valente’s book provides a much-needed resource for EMS. It presents an excellent balance between the science of capnography and its practical application in real world emergency situations. It takes the reader from the basics of capnography, and the systematic approach for its use, to specific and extensive examples of intubated and non-intubated applications. The graphics are also very helpful in reinforcing the text. The bibliography is extensive and useful. Well-known and respected capnography advocate and researcher Dr. Baruch Krauss endorses the book, which adds credibility to the accuracy of its educational content.
I particularly liked Valente’s explanation of the analysis of the ventilation-perfusion ratio. Providing the EMS responder with this knowledge will go a long way toward better use of a highly reliable and accurate—but unfortunately underused—technology. I think it would have been helpful to have expanded on the sections related to various disease processes and their effects on capnography waveforms and end-tidal carbon dioxide readings. For example, my experience has shown that a better understanding of the various phases of an asthma exacerbation and observation of capnography trends related to these phases can be particularly helpful in guiding treatment. Overall, this book brings beneficial information to the EMS community. It should be in every library and should be used as a mandatory text in paramedic training programs —Pat Brandt, RN

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