Author Guidelines

The Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) is an award-winning publication and a leading voice in emergency medicine and prehospital care. Our readers consist of EMTs, paramedics, nurses, physicians, EMS managers, administrators and educators.

We seek articles about the EMS industry of direct relevance to field providers, including:

  • discussions of clinical developments and controversies in prehospital care;
  • "how-to" stories that offer practical and innovative tips and strategies;
  • reviews of the latest in EMS equipment and technology; and
  • news and commentary about the industry.

How to Submit Your Story Idea

All story ideas must be submitted to Senior Editor Ryan Kelley. Please provide the following information:

  • your contact information;
  • suggested title of your manuscript;
  • manuscript document (which can also be simply an outline of your article);
  • a summary;
  • a general manuscript classifications (i.e., trauma, pediatrics, product or case review); and
  • photos or figures to be considered with the manuscript.

We prefer to receive cover letters and outlines on the initial submission, but we also review full manuscripts. Your cover letter should include your qualifications as well as answer these questions:

  • What specifically are you going to tell JEMS readers?
  • Why do JEMS readers need to know this?
  • How will you support your discussion (e.g., original case studies, literature review, interviews, etc.)

Manuscript Review Process

All articles undergo a review process to assess accuracy and relevance. You may be contacted during the review process to discuss any concerns or questions about your completed manuscript. Rewrites often are requested at this time to accommodate editors' or reviewers’ concerns.

Writing & Formatting Guidelines

Please download our article writing & formatting guidelines, "So You're Writing a JEMS Article ..." and follow them closely.

Tips on Getting Published

  • Read back issues of the magazine to learn our style.
  • Review back issues to ensure we haven’t covered your topic within the past three years. You can purchase back issues here.
  • Ask a colleague or your medical director to review your outline or manuscript to ensure it's timely and valuable to a national audience.
  • Consider using case studies or scenarios to illustrate your points.
  • Be sure you're qualified to write on the topic you're proposing. We prefer articles written by individuals with current EMS experience, either in the field or as a medical director.
  • If you're writing a clinical article, be sure to include references (endnotes) to current scientific literature.
  • Be open to the idea of online publication on We often have limited space in the journal and may offer online-only publication.
  • Do not send manuscripts that are under consideration by other publishers.
  • Read and follow the guidance on this page.


  • Where do I send my story idea? Submit your cover letter and outline/manuscript to Senior Editor Ryan Kelley. Click here to send him an email.
  • How will I know you received my manuscript? Due to the volume of submissions received, we are unable to send an email confirming receipt of your manuscript. However, feel free to request one.
  • How long does it take to review my story idea? We review unsolicited outlines/manuscripts as time permits. Please allow us at least six months to review your manuscript.
  • Why do you want to know the manuscript classification? The classification helps us match your manuscript with an appropriate reviewer who has expertise in that specialty, if appropriate.
  • What happens if JEMS accepts my story idea? Upon acceptance of your outline/manuscript, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from an editor. Based on your submission, we may request a full manuscript for consideration or revisions to the submitted manuscript. If we have no significant concerns or suggestions, we may indicate that we will follow up with your regarding a legal contract for the work and a publication date.
  • How much does JEMS typically pay for articles? The honoraria depend on the complexity and length of the work. We typically pay authors $100–$350 for articles. All payments are made on publication.
  • What is your acceptance rate? On average, we accept 15% of unsolicited manuscripts.

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